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Basques & catalans are the TRUE hebrews.Top secret

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    Posted: 05 May 2014 at 03:05
"The Irish Book of Fenagh records the Basques settling in Ireland. The book also documents the descendants of Noah settling in the basque country" Modern DNA studies confirm this connection and back up the irish book of fenagh.
"Spain in that day was the land of the true Iberians- the basques-(and catalans)that is to say, the Atlanteans" Quote from Ignatius Donnelly in his book called "atlantis,the antidiluvian world" He said this back in 1882 and many years later we know he was right.

The Celts called themselves Iberi, Hiberi, or Iveri which are all derived from the Biblical Hebrew pronounciation of the name Hebrew.

the 2 darkest spots in spain are the basque country and catalonia.Why are the basque country and catalonia more italo celtic than italy you ask?Because we are the original italo-celto-germanics that settled europe,etc

"In 1920, H. G. Wells referred to the original Mediterranean race as the true Iberian race" meaning the basque/catalan race and he also was right.He said that the people that most purely represented this race was the basques and thats why the basques are the oldest white people and the origin of royalty because no one is older than us.

https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTUDUU7-e-cu31eb_K5Tu2YpkjyhApcNy-S-3edev3yRkTvypvzfQ A map showing the iberia of the east next to armenia and many people know armenia is the origin of white people and the garden of eden, BUT what they dont know is that the iberia in the west is the original iberia just like the original armenia is in the west in our land and this has been scientifically proven but imposters hide it

I mean we are the true iberian race which is the original mediterranean race and we know the original mediterranean race(and original white race) founded rome,ancient greece etc and people still dont know that we are the true hebrews of the bible and the original nation of Jesus wtf.You know that there would be imposters because Jesus said so,so what more evidence do people need?Our land is the original homeland of white people because we are the original white race that settled the world.We are unmixed,the imposters are very mixed and if you are educated you know God's people are pure not mixed so this should convince you about who is who.

"The History and Geography of Human Genes" (Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Paolo Menozzi and Alberto Piazza), divides humanity into four major ethnic regions, African(Khoisan), Caucasoids (Basque), Mongoloids and Australians (Aborigine)

Late Palaeolithic (to 8,000 BC)
• Homo sapiens sapiens - current type of man
• Art (decoration of caves, bones and stones)
• Evolution towards the Basque Type(the white man) begins
• Homo sapiens sapiens soon divides into the racial groups which now inhabit the earth (white, yellow, black). Each group becomes the origin of the races which we now distinguish. One of them, Cro-Magnon man, evolved indigenously into the Basque group.


by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.

• Cave of Urtiaga (Deba)- final magdalen level (end of the late Palaeolithic age) Cro-Magnon type cranium beginning to evolve into the Basque cranium. Azilian level (beginning of Mesolithic age)intermediary crania, between Cro-Magnon and Basque. The crania of the Eneolithic age are clearly Basque.

The Cro-Magnon people invented civilization over 20,000 years ago; which is exactly what the oldest written records and the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan Kings lists patiently explain.

The older the race the closer you are to Jesus race wise and no one is older than us and you know it.Imposters dont want you to know the truth.

Notice on the map below the crown is on our land(iberia) because we are the true merovingians.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lordship_of_Biscay Notice the lion of judah in the coat of arms.Biscay is a province of the basque country.The basques and catalans are the heirs of gothic count Cassius.

Modern DNA discoveries and other scientific studies showing the Basques along with the Spartans and Trojans to be an ancient branch of the tribe of Judah(Jesus's tribe) - Perry Pena.

George Washington's genealogy & family records prove his descent from the Kings (of the Tribe) of Judah, as well as having come from the geographical location of Scythia ~ the exact region Robert the Bruce testified concerning he & the Scots hailing from

WASHINGTON, GEORGE, in Maxims of George Washington by A. A. Appleton & Co. "They (the jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in... It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pest to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America." http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/repute.htm

"We're in bondage! The jews(edomites/pharisees) have usurped us as the Bible prophecied, stolen our identity & "deceiveth the whole world" that they, Satan's seed, are Israel when all the evidence, textual, archaeological, petroglyphic, statutary etc depicts ancient Hebrews as WHITE people, not blacks, not Asians, not hook-nosed kikes, jews are described in Joel as the locusts, canker worms and caterpillars devouring our substance b/c edom, the jew, controls our borders imposing multiculty ONLY on White nations"

The jews stole the key of knowledge/truth.Their "holy" book babylonian talmud says all non jews are beasts(when they are the beast) and that they(the jews)can molest kids.If you still believe these f**ked up imposters i feel sorry for you.

We are the Biblical Magi Kings/Wise men.

"Recent dna tests have proven the Picts were closely related to the Basques of northern Spain" http://hal_macgregor.tripod.com/gregor/Scythia.html

"The Basques are known as Europe's "Indians" or Europe's "First Family", since their language and culture is more ancient than any other in Europe" And the goth phoenicians founded europe and basques are the oldest european culture and speak the oldest language because we are the goth phoenicians.

"You do not have to be a Biblical scholar to know that God Almighty was referring to his real Chosen People as the English and their Celtic-Saxon brethren who, largely emanating from the Basques (the original Celts), came to settle on the coastal shores of the British Isles, which includes Ireland" English journalist and patriot Mike James

"You must fight. It is in your blood. You are English, a Celt of Basque origins, as most Britons and Irish are, and thus a warrior by nature. Soon you shall replace the razor with a sword and defend our race, which is absolutely unique, against the incursions made upon it by the Total Man, the Hive Mind mentality of the Totalitarian European who is controlled by the Jew and is the mortal enemy of all Celts." -Mike James.

"No matter how bereft of means you are as a Celtic-Saxon Briton or Irishman, you were born to be free and live in pride and dignity. You are a special people, as both the Irish etymologist Michael Tsarion and the English geneticist Stephen Oppenheimer have scientifically established beyond all doubt, from whom, apart from our progenitors, the Basques, we are uniquely and genetically separate from all of the other races of Europe. We are all Celts of Basque origin" - Mike James

The History of The Term Germanic

"Various etymologies for Latin Germani are possible. As an adjective, germani is simply the plural of the adjective germanus (from germen, "seed" or "offshoot"),which has the sense of "related" or "kindred" or "authentic". According to Strabo, the Romans introduced the name Germani, because the Germanic tribes were the authentic Celts" http://www.imperialteutonicorder.com/id43.html True germanics=The Celts.

Alan Wilson and his life-long fellow researcher Baram Blackett have written and published nine books.Authors Baram Blackett and Alan Wilson talk about their 30 year research into the hidden British and Welsh history

Their books published to date are as follows:

1 - Arthur, King of Glamorgan and Gwent.
2 - Arthur and the Charter of Kings.
3 - Arthur the War King
4 - Artorius Rex Discovered
5 - The Holy Kingdom
6 - The King Arthur Conspiracy
7 - Moses in the Hieroglyphs
8 - The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant
9 - The Trojan War of 650 BC

Their next book will be called The murder of Britain

"Palæolithic European man of the Miocene and Pliocene times was a pure Atlantean, as we have previously stated. The Basques are, of course, of a much later date than this, but their affinities, as here shown, go far to prove the original extraction of their remote ancestors. The "mysterious" affinity between their tongue and that of the Dravidian races of India will be understood by those who have followed our outline of continental formations and shiftings" Helena Blavatsky http://www.blavatsky.net/newsletters/basque_part1.htm

"The shepherds, furthermore, represent the divine kingship of the Atlantean gods and the Grail bloodline,for these god-monarchs were also known as the "Shepherd Kings" (a title, notably, taken up by Jesus too).This indicates that it is the global monarchy of these Atlantean gods that shall rise again from the tomb,perhaps through the Merovingian bloodline.The fallen kingdom of the gods is clearly returning, and the new Golden Age is upon us.This is a glorious time to be alive" Teutonic(from thoth) knights= basques/catalans.

Read the book regarding the basques "shepherd kings"By Perry Pena.The Restoring of Spain's Ancient History on the Basques

It is clear from ancient writings that belief in Atlantis was common and accepted in Greece, Egypt, and the Mayan and Aztec Empires(atlantean empires) by historians

To the surprise of a Basque missionary during the 1500s when he went to the americas he could understand the people of the americas(the "mayans" the true mayans werent the mongoloid indians but the celts thats why a video is called "celts and indians more than cousins?" More than cousins because those "indians" were atlanteans not the mongoloid type!!).He said they spoke almost exactly the same language, with a slight difference in pronunciation.Proving the basques were the atlanteans!!!

"The human being exists in Europe since the dawn of mankind, when the true Iberian Cro-Magnons(Basques/Catalans), originated the R1b lineage of the heberites , which began the history of civilization"

Webster's New World Hebrew Dictionary defines "Heber" as Kheeber, meaning "Connected; Joined." Because they did colonize, rule, and inhabit every country on earth, also founding every civilization on earth, all human societies recognize their ancient hegemony both linguistically and mythically.

Heber=Hiberia(hibernia=ireland which means new land of hebrews),land of the basques and catalans.The river ebro(ebre in catalan) comes from the patriarch (h)eber and ebre=eber just like centre=center.

"The Basque and Catalan regions, these were the bastions of the "Grail" families, this is where the descendants of Jesus and his family, lived (live) in the Middle Ages, this was "Grail"-central. Patrice Chaplin has written several books which touch on Rennes-le-Chateau and "the Grail," which geographically recount her experiences in Gerona, Spain, and its relation to Rennes-le-Chateau in Southern France"

Ary-an,ara-maic,ari-zona,ama(mom in basque, it can also mean boss)=amazon,amaya(basque name)=mayan have a basque root and basque is the original language of mankind.Joseph of ari-mathea was related to Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

"Psychic Edgar Cayce said that the Atlanteans first settled in the Pyrenees, which is the same area where the Basque live"

"The basque symbols are very interesting.Note the Lion of Judah - the bloodline of David and Christ. In other words, descendents of the true Judahites of the Bible, (NOT todays so called jews(edomites/pharisees) whose descendents were edomites who merely took on the judahites religion centuries before Christ).The Basque people are of a holy bloodline, one of the world's best kept secrets as the so-called jews claim this birthright.Hoping that you will once again be a free and independent people" Greetings from the Boers in South-Africa. Susan Pohl.

"'Jew' is a contracted 'Judean', but Judea was taken over by John Hyracanus, the Edomite(jew=pharisee) a century before Christ & the Edomites race mix the societies they conquer. Jesus was a Judahite of the line of David who we KNOW was White, as distinct from the race-mixed (the "mixed multitude" of the Gospels) Judeans. Jews got control over Bible translations early last century inter alia introducing the term Jew to muddy the water. Even Jewish encyclopedias admit modern Jewry is Edom. Jesus despised them"

King Charles was executed and the rightful Stuart children, Englands future Kings were imprisoned and exiled

"Thanks to the genotypic, phylogenetic, philological, paleontological, archaeological, anthropological, etc. studies. they allow us to know who this great people was, which raised the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean and Western civilization"

The basques are the 1st humanity

"Catalonia can do without the world,but the world cant do without Catalonia" - Voltaire. The major political distinction of medieval Catalonia was that it developed the most effective parliament of any realm in western europe.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY01NjND1jc by iberian they mean true iberian(basques/catalans=goth phoenicians/trojans/picts/celts/scythians/thracians and the other many names we were known by as we founded all the nations)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGfm1D2oGKg Proof that it was the jews(imposters/pharisees/edomites/pseudo spaniards) who invaded spain and mixed with what we know as "hispanics" today, but not all the people in latin america.


























http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Flasxtribus.wordpress.com%2F&act=url But dont be fooled,not everybody in spain are like us,now you know this is the true promised land and there is the good seed and bad seed.

https://www.tartessos.info/noticias/noticias/827-el-antropologo-dr-osmanagich-confirma-que-nuestra-historia-oficial-es-falsa Anthropologist Osmanagich confirms the official history is false.

Luke 8:17 For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.

The Stem duchies were essentially the domains of the OLD Germanic tribes of the area associated with the Frankish Kingdom.Tribes that became stem duchies were originally the Alemanni, the Thuringii, the Saxons, the Franks, the Burgundians, and the Rugii.These duchies belonged to us and will belong to us again.We are the oldest white race and if you are intelligent youd know the 1st white race founded the european nations.

According to the narrative traditions collected by Anno, the Bishop of Cologne, and some other documents, the Bavarians had come from Armenia, the 'land of Noah's arc'

"The Germanic realms in pre-carolingian Central Europe" Herbert Schutz.The original armenia(armentia in alava,basque country and the city vitoria-gasteiz is named after goddess victoria and this city is the true bethlehem!!!) is our land because life started in the west(now proven) thats why there was another caucasian iberia in the east and another armenia named after us and the imposters are the carolingians.

Jesus warns us in the bible that there would be imposters pretending to be true hebrews.(those imposters are the jews=edomites/pharisees that killed Jesus)

The imposters known as carolingians(jews=edomites/pharisees)plotted against us the true merovingians and usurped our identity.They were our freaking butlers and this is documented and many people know this.

Now everything spanish related is frowned upon because of these imposters who give us a backwards and shady image and they want you guys to have a hard time believing the true spanish people can be the true hebrews and to demonize us so that people reject us due to this impersonation

This ancient impersonation worked for the despicable jews because now many people have a hard time believing we are the true hebrews because of the imposters pretending to be us

"The country of the Celts was Iberia(from the Basque country all the way to Catalonia to be exact), according to the Historical and epigraphic sources" When you find out the celts are God's people you understand why the original homeland of the celts was concealed by imposters.

This is not a theory this is a hidden fact and you guys can research this and youll see i am telling the truth.

I mean look who we really are,the imposters had a good reason to plot against us and keep this a secret,dont you think?In order to pull this off they had to cover up the truth.The truth is coming out anyway

"The basques descend from the Trojan branch of the Thracians, who after the sacking of Troy, fled into parts of Europe, the vicinity of Rome, for one, where they were instrumental in the founding of the city" Researcher and geneticist Tim Osterholm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWudBCYO8ZE We are the etruscans/phoenicians(venetians) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxjwMKqkeAM

The lastname ferrari is really of basque/catalan origin(words with a double r are of basque origin) and lamborghini also is of basque/catalan(celtic=true germanic) origin as we are the original italo-celts(germanics) that founded italy and all of europe.It comes from son of lambert and the "germanic" landa which is a basque lastname and it means field or estate In the coat of arms of the noble lambo/lamborghini family is the lion of judah and in the logo of lamborghini there is a bull an animal very associated with us.Just like ancient gauls/franks werent todays french,ancient germanics werent today's germans,but us.

"All greek Gods were thracians and culture,traditions,religion and basic language of greek tribes was thracian.Thracians are descendents from pelasgians who gave civilisation to the entire world"

"Historians note that Odin, who was a very popular Thracian ruler" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAeaSEVV7cI

"Also in Italy—in the northeastern corner—is Venice, the headquarters of the water-people. The Phoenicians—phonetically the Venetians—had their south Mediterranean headquarters in Carthage in northern Africa. In their western Mediterranean and Atlantic venturings the Phoenicians became the Veekings(vikings)"

"In other words, the "normans/templars" had reconstructed the old Phoenician Empire, almost in its entirety.The process would be complete with the establishment of a Norman Kingdom in the south of Italy itself, the nation that had crushed the Phoenicians and scattered them to the far corners of the world" http://www.jrbooksonline.com/pob/pob_toc.html

The basques are the original vikings(the vanir/wends/vandals/goths) that settled the world but the victors write history, but we win out ultimately =). The basques and catalans are the original slavs/poles and balkans=celts and thats why the pseudo spaniards call the catalans "poles" as an insult because they know who the catalans and basques really are

Dont expect to hear this on the news because the imposters own the media,schools,churches,etc

Imposters dont want you to know atlantis is real history because they are making out like bandits by covering this up

We did exactly the same thing the atlanteans/1st homo sapiens did:bringing civilization all over and settling all over because we are the atlanteans.(This is for those who think atlantis didnt exist)You do know we exist however so you cant deny this

Luke 21:11 There shall be great earthquakes, and in divers places famines and pestilences; and there shall be terrors and great signs from heaven

"You were created in My image and your identity was kept from you" The Lord.

DNA,etc doesnt lie,imposters do.

Google "jewish inroads to british royalty"

Some afrocentrists claim us because they know who we really are, and they dont claim insignificant people.

The Basques and Catalans are the original north american cowboys under the British/Celtic identity(invented football,racing,tennis,golf,basketball and baseball under the american identity) that settled and founded the european nations,etc. The spanish riders and world champions pol espargaro,marc marquez,maverick viñales etc are catalans.

We are true Spain,the true homeland of Jesus,but the imposters/enemies in spain screw us over to make people believe we are anti spain to fool foreigners who like spain to turn on us,but when you research it youll see we are true spain.Now basques and catalans dont like saying we are spanish because the imposters give us a bad image and a distorted image of us

William Wallace and King Arthur,General Robert Edward Lee,John Smith etc were racially Basque/Catalan men

"These people have a high moral standard in their dealings and in their social life. The esteem in which the Basque merchants were held by the citizens of Bruges is shown by a document dated 1/12/43, which reads":

"The magistrates of the city grant the noble nation of the Basques complete immunity from judicial interference."

When you teach a lie and hide the truth,the lie seems more credible than the hidden truth.

Decent people will be free soon so dont worry because Jesus is coming back soon.

Our ancestors knew their cradle was in the remote
west and that the migration was west to east and not east to west.I dont know what else to put so that you guys believe me but its pretty obvious who we are if you are intuitive and if you research it

Sir Isaac Newton etc were racially like us but since they became other nationalities this "hides" who these people were ,plus the imposters hid what these people's original homeland was.We are the oldest and least mixed people for a reason...

"The truth will set you free"- Jesus

The celtic mythology recounts were after all true and luckily now we can prove it.

If you knew how noble the basques and catalans are and how evil the jews(imposters) are,you would know who is who right away.

Disney is based on us.The bible says wed forget our identity and wed remember who we are in the end of times,that is to say,now. Cinderella is based on Rhodopsis which was Princess Aurora(Dawn) a Basque/Navarrese(Catalan)woman in other words a palestinian greco egyptian woman because our land is the true palestine(nothing to do with today's so called palestine or palestinians), greece and egypt,but when we settled the world we founded the new greece etc but imposters covered this up

The Stuart(Basques and Catalans) kings founded the USA. The Tudors/Stuarts laid the foundations for the industrial revolution

Jews did 9/11 etc

The english queen is an imposter and she doesnt want you to know the brits and celts and by extension americans,aussies,kiwis,canadians,white south africans(dutch) are God's chosen not her.

Once you find out life started in the west(basque country all the way to catalonia) you realize they lied to you to cover up real history and to usurp our identity

We are the original europeans and ireland and the UK were once united to continental europe and we settled europe so we were the 1st people in ireland and the UK as well.Since the police wont do anything about it there will be divine justice very very soon =)

The original royal danes were us as we were the 1st people in europe and denmark for that matter.If you research it itll lead you to the truth,and now you know what people to focus on to discover the truth

The "sc" from scandinavia has a basque root because we named scandinavia because we are the original europeans.Scandia/Hyboria(hiberia) was atlantis the origin of humanity and the survivors settled in the pyrenees, the basques country all the way to catalonia and then we settled all of europe.This is going to be known

The queen of england berengaria(she was given the city of le mans) was a basque(navarrese) woman born in navarre(basque land)and was the wife of richard the lionheart who wasnt born in our land but racially was one of us thats why he married another (true)royal http://www.globalfolio.net/monsalvat/frsdominus/statiibook/berengaria_navarre/bereng_bard.htm

Queen of england and queen of france Eleanor of Aquitania(mother in law of queen berengaria which was named after her grandmother berengaria of barcelona and the illustrious lacoste family was from languedoc which was our land and people,centuries ago it wasnt france so its wrong and unfair to say they were french just because now its part of france) was from aquitaine which was independent not part of france, sure, eleanor became queen of france,but it didnt make her french but basque/catalan

"Although a number of different languages and dialects were in use in the area during ancient times, it is most likely that the prevailing language of Aquitaine during the late pre-historic to Roman period was an early form of the Basque language. This has been demonstrated by various Aquitanian names and words that were recorded by the Romans, and which are currently easily readable as Basque"

"Queen Eleanor found Paris horrible. Used to the lush valleys of Bordeaux, the beautiful coastlines, and Poitiers, Eleanor found Paris bleak, gray, and in a horrible state. It was barely a city, with houses built upon houses. The university was an embarrassment, and although many praised the royal castle on the Ile de la Cite (Island of the City) stranded on the Seine, Eleanor found it as bad as the city. A dark stone building, it was dour and plain. Obviously she had work to do in Paris"

"Upon Louis' arrival, Eleanor realized how different she was from her husband. Louis was a quiet man, who was easily controlled and very saint. Eleanor was no saint. She was high-spirited and raucous, and took on her role as queen seriously. She began by transforming Paris into the city it was always rumored to be, a city of art and beauty. She brought her Aquitanian(Basque/Catalan) heritage with her and introduced the Parisians to her beautiful culture"

Its going to be known that queen eleanor of aquitaine(basque/catalan land and culture at the time and more advanced than any part of france) was a racially basque/catalan woman that made paris what it is and people will know that the fame and prestige the french have is in fact thanx to the schooling and grandeur of splendid queen eleanor.

In 1198, one of Eleanor's grandson's, Otto, was elected emperor of Germany and ruled as Otto IV of Brunswick.

"The Merovingian kings and dukes of Aquitaine had their capital at Toulouse(Languedoc)" and Toulouse comes from the basque name Tolosa."The Republic of Aquitaine was a sovereign, INDEPENDENT NATION-STATE formerly situated in the region of the southwestern third of France" The basque country is next to southwestern france

The aquitanian language was proto basque.What more evidence do people need to wake up?Pathetic

We know our history has been covered up because now we know our land is the original homeland of the celts, yet the basque country and catalonia dont show up as celtic nations

We are the Cathars that the catholic church(when the jews=pharisees took over the church) tried to kill off because they know who we are.

The true cherokees werent mongoloid but white i.e. the atlanteans(basques and catalans)but the mongoloids came over later and killed them off. Dont be fooled,our enemies want you to hate yourselves so that you mix out of existence thru this lie.

The stinkin jews cant prove who they pretend to be because they are imposters.We can prove who we are because we are the real thing.We win out and they know it.Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

The basques were the 1st mariners and a basque mariner Juan Sebastian Elcano was the 1st man to circle the world

I mean we are the original white people and original europeans yet very few people heard about us.Doesnt this make you wonder?When you are the original europeans you should be more known and people actually know about us but under other identities.They just dont know that we are the people that founded the nations and the people that gave rise to white people.

People can see imposters plotted against us when they find out we are the original europeans.The stinking jews fear DNA because these modern DNA studies unmask them and prove they re wrote history.

This is a war between cromagnon(white/basque man) against the neanderthal(the twisted jew=pharisee) and it has been going on since the very beginning but the jew knew all along who he is and who we are so thats a big advantage for the imposters because we forgot who we are,the f**ked up jews never forgot who they were.

RH negative blood is the blood type of the basques and its the holy grail bloodline.Its not like people dont know that the "normans" invaded great britain and deposed the rightful and true royals the Stuarts.People know this happened

"While in france and spain nobility was granted by the kings,in the basque country all of the basques were nobles by nature" Joaquin Navarro.

Un-IVER-se - n-IBIR-u=Iber-o - H-eber=H-IBER-ia - h-YBOR-ia=Hiberia.

You cant deny the undeniable.

Judgement day is coming

"Biscay, Guipuzcoa and Alava, as its known, were considered as known land of notorious noblemen. All the locals in these provinces descended from parents, grandparents, and grandparents' grandparents and even more of the same region, and a particular house,no matter how modest they were, they were considered noblemen, without it being necessary any evidence.They enjoyed the title of nobility, by immemorial interpretation declaration in favor of a whole territory as Royals as had confirmed numerous provisions, agreements Hearings of Valladolid and Granada, and in regard to Biscay(a local is known as biscayne just like the florida place called key biscayne), its expressly stated in its jurisdiction"

We proved our nobility and we also proved we are the oldest white people thus proving we are the origin of royalty and of the white race.

The palace of versailles and all the historic castles etc were built by our people

Once you find out evil imposters have been ruling the world for centuries you will wake up to the truth and you will know why you didnt know the hidden truth

Hannibal Barca was one of us and he lost to rome(we founded it)and winners write "history" so you know the official history is a lie written by the winners


"We have had no free press since 1920 since the rothchilds hijacked the country in 1871. They bought all our media"

Comment from an american who knows whats up

The ignorant dont listen and remain ignorant.The intelligent,listen,keep an open mind and seek the truth.

You are making a serious mistake if you dont research this and missing out on the true people that blessed the world.If this treasure of an info doesnt wake you up,nothing will.Reclaim your stolen precious identity.

Justice and freedom.Help us out please,we need your help.Lets beat the cursed illuminati that re wrote history and covered up real history

Now you know why the celts are oppressed.Who rules the world?the imposters known as jews which are the oppressors

Greed and $ are the reasons why you dont know the truth and who is who today.Dont tell me this is not a good point

"illuminati,the cult that hijacked the world" by Henry Makow

http://www.henrymakow.com/illuminatiusecancer.html "Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer,discovered that not only cancer but all diseases are triggered by unexpected shocks and traumas. Thugs showed up and threatened that if he didn't disown his findings, things would become unpleasant"

LAW - POLITICS - BANKING - MEDIA are ALL inter-related!

Cure for cancer concealed by the jews



In 2008, the Chief Rabbi Dr. Esra Iwan Götz, who would not participate in such discriminatory stories, signed a document acknowledging that "Israel"(imposters)has taken over the discovery, it has been renamed, and registered and theyve been practicing conscientiously two types of treatment: the new medicine for jews(the pharisees Jesus warned us about) and chemotherapy, radiotherapy and removals for non-jews

The los angeles clippers owner is a jew and he made a racist comment and now blacks are blaming white people and whites are being demonized and will be targeted unfairly and this is how the cursed jews try to decimate white people.

The claims below are from ex jesuit Alberto Rivera after he found out the truth and exposed them

Jesuits are responsible for the creation of communism, Islam,and Nazism, and causing the World Wars,recession, the Jonestown Massacre,and the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy (a true Catholic) The Catholic Church wants to spread homosexuality and abortion,that the Charismatic Movement is a front for the Catholic Church,that the Popes are antichrists,and the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon.The jesuits were the masterminds behind the Medieval Inquisition in the 13th century.The nazis arent pro white they want to create anti german and anti white sentiment and make the jews look like the victims

"There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot" - President. JF Kennedy

If you care for your children and freedom,expose the demons
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WorldHistoria Master

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What a bunch of boloney. It is true Jewish people settled in Spain, along with theirs Semitic relatives like Phoenicians, Arabs and Syrians, but Basques are native to Spain and France.

The true Hebrew are Palestinians!
A point of view from the antipodes
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Noah is mythology.  I'm booking marking this thread OP as reference to exactly what it is you don't do when you suggest the utilization of science but then go on to use mythological references.

Quote The Cro-Magnon people invented civilization over 20,000 years ago; which is exactly what the oldest written records and the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan Kings lists patiently explain.

The Cro-Magnon was a hunter gatherer my friend.  Civilization was invented by sedentaries.

Edited by literaryClarity - 05 May 2014 at 06:47
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I have a question, do you recall a text from the bible about the Angel Gabriel or Michael speaking in the Basque tongue or language or maybe a pre-basque? ClapStar
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just by the DNA backs this up and modern technologies abeling us for better research; its only obvious who is and what is. This post is amazing and very detailed, thank you!Clap
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Really?   You are going to argue for racial purity??

Pity the poor lizard who said that, "my ancestor was a brontosaurus."
(sayings of Lazarus Long)
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