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Meet the staff...

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Topic: Meet the staff...
Posted By: Northman
Subject: Meet the staff...
Date Posted: 18 Feb 2012 at 11:24
WorldHistoria is run by a small group of volunteers who dedicate their spare time to assist in the moderating and administrating of our forum.
As you will see, our staff comes from all corners of the globe and from an enormous variety of backgrounds, and is thus fairly representative for a wide range of historical interests and knowledge, and for a wide spectrum of political and religious beliefs.
Here, the staff introduces itself:

Age: 41
Nationality - Canadian
Ethnicity - Norwegian
Profession: Chef (presently as a Caterer ), Owner of B&B,
Education: Diploma and journyman status in Proffesional Cooking, Ceirtified Chef de Cuisine, Diploma in Hotel and resturant Administration, BGS - Buissness Admin, BA - History
Interests: History,Travel, hiking,skiing,historic arts and crafts
Religion: none
Political views: Conservative with Liberal leanings

Age: 66
Profession: Retired college educator- Electro Engineer
Nationality: Danish
Political: Social Democracy.
Interests: history, religion, graphic design, web-design, genealogy and astronomy.
Website:" rel="nofollow -

Age: 49
Nationality - United States of America
Ethnicity - Turkish
Profession: Behavioral Health Therapist
Education: Masters in Counseling. Studied two years towards a Ph.d in Clinical Psychology
Interests: Dining out. Sports of all kinds. History. Audio electronics. Wife, Family. Talking about stuff we don't have easy answers to.
Religion: Islam with a modern interpretation.
Political views: Common sense. I try not to place myself into a particular political group. If I did it would be one of a conservative foundation with heavy doses of liberalism.
Seko is currently on leave from the community.


Name: E. S.
Age: 29
Nationality - Bosnian-American 
Profession: 3rd party logistics / supply chain management
Religion: Islam with a modern interpretation. 
Political views: They vary on the issue. In general liberal with a middle ground common sense.  
Omar Al Hashim

Age: 24
Real Name: Syed Omar Hashmi
Profession: Electronics Engineer
Nationality: Australian
Background: Anglo-Celtic-Arab-Pakistani
Interest: History, Electronics, Cricket
Political Views: Labor - usually.
Religion: Islam
Age: Old
Nationality: American
Education: B.A. and M.A. in History
Interests: History, Philosophy, Theology, Poetry, Classical and Koine Greek; Discussions about any of the preceding with people who aren't twits
Religion: Orthodox Christianity
Political Views: Other

Age: 41
Nationality: United States
Interests: Family, Geopolitics and strategy, Military related subjects, History, Science, Big Cats (Panthera's), Football, Auto Racing, Hockey and so on and so forth.
Personality: Sense of humor is Goofy with a very serious side.
Goal in life: Taking over the world. Failing that, then taking over this forum will do nicely.
Religion: Non Denominational Christian.
Education: High school graduate, several years at some podunk college in pursuit of an out-of-reach BA.
Politics: Conservative or right of center, w/ Libertarian leanings.
Captain Vancouver
Name: George Vancouver
Age: 256
Occupation: My naval and exploring life are now dim memories. I have since tried more modern pursuits, such as social work, and some related endevors.
Education: Psychology is what I have delved into in later life. It was a remote topic in my younger days, but of course, times change.
Interests: History, politics, current events, reading, writing, travel and exploring the great outdoors (much easier today, I can tell you), and generally touring the side streets of the human psyche.
Religion: Excellent concept for Hollywood and graphic novels.
Politics: The more I see of the world, the further left I shift.
Lao Tse
Real name: Wei Jia Hong (Yongzong)
Age: 85
Nationality: People's Republic of China, United States of America (Dual Citizenship)
Ethnicity: Manchu-Mongol-Uyghur-Han
Profession: Retired Sinologist, Linguist, Calligrapher
Education: Confucian Scholar, BD at Spaulding University and Beijing School of Fine Arts
Religion: Quan Zhen Longmei Taoist
Interests: Horticulture, History (mainly in Asia, but also in Europe and the Americas), Civics, Philosophy, Arts
Languages: English, Hakka, Wu, Mandarin, Manchu, Mongol
Political view: Neutral, I sway depending on who's plan works in my opinion
Council Member  The Council  Council Member
The Council consists of three members from the group of Moderators.
They are serving for terms of six months, and then replaced by three other Moderators for the next term.

The current council, -> July 2014:
Es_bih, Lao Tse and Captain Vancouver
Former staff members
Thank you for your dedication and work for our community.
Real name: Graham Cleverley


Nationality: English (dominantly) and Welsh (you’d never guess)

Family: American second wife, various children and grandchildren (one part Filipino) and a great grand-something in transit (part Thai).

Religion: none.

Politics: traditional English Liberal, in the spirit of the 1947 Oxford Manifesto but not as recently contaminated in many quarters.

Education: History at Cambridge, then concentrated learning in industry in management and economcs. Taught for a while at INSEAD in France and at the University of Southampton.

Books:" rel="nofollow - Special historical interests: naval history, history of trades unions, history of the press.

Age: 32
Profession: Lawyer
Education: LLB & LLM
Nationality: American/Russian
Religion: Orthodox Christian
Political Ideology: tolerance & pluralism
Historical Interests: pretty much everything
Interests: weightlifting, martial arts, languages & linguistics, anthropology
The Hidden Face

Real name: Ozgur Yilmaz
Nationality: Turkey
Age: 30
Ethnic Background: Turkish
Profession: Technical director at a TV production house.
Education: BA in public administration
Languages: Turkish, English.
Religion: Agnostic.
Political Ideology: Complicated.
Interests: History, writing-producing-engineering music, 3 cushion billards, chess

   If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.    (Albert Einstein)

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