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What we think of other nations

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Topic: What we think of other nations
Posted By: Fintan
Subject: What we think of other nations
Date Posted: 02 Sep 2015 at 13:07
When about USA, don't talk about his people or Government. The same with I talk about Méjico, Alemania, etc... I talk about my experiences, reading, happenings, thinkings lengthwise my life.

By example, with the USA people, there was two "contacts" that I can't forget.
I was in Rome in a pension and there were five beds in the room we taook, (we were two spaniards), one American boy notice than we were spanish and begin to talk about the "Saco of Rome" one of the infinite plundering Rome have suffer: This time were "Imperial" troops in the period of Charles V (Of Germany, it means emperor) and first of Spain, it means king and a lot of money. But the main force of plunderers were german lasquenets and other mercenary that didn't received their payments at time, in the wiki comes OK:" rel="nofollow - Saco de Rome.
There were very few spaniards (that surely would plunder as the Germans, Italians, and flamencos if had the opportunity), but it likes for him the real guilties, personaly guilties were the spaniards, me above all.

He was so ungry that forgot on his bed (He return home in this moment) the wallet with all the money, documents, etc... I think, because I never look inside the wallet. Then he go out of the room as quick as he could. When I reach him he was in the street. I gave the wallet forgotten, and come back to the pension (saying goodby at least).
The problem was not that i am too honest, bit his face take an expression between thankfull and disappointed,  the same quixotics ideas (lost nowadays) than the americans of Omaha or that fight in Europe in WWII. I hope they understood that not all the spaniards are so bad as his love for Rome indicate. 

(to be continued)

Posted By: Fintan
Date Posted: 02 Sep 2015 at 13:23
Other USA-Contact were in a boat from Brindisium to Atenas.
We were in the bar and my cousin didn't find his cigarettes. The most easy to plunder were four young americans were playing poker beside our table. He go to ask them for a cigaret (that at those times was very comon in Spain, in special between young people) and can't finish the request when the american (I am sure the others should make the same) say "NO". My cousin don't get the cigarette and even get a look from the yankees. Just get more gloomy than angry rest of trip. I have to recognaice that the "NO" was a real "NO", a "NO" that doesn't exists in spanish language.

The only similar I remember was with an irish girl, but she look at my eyes before say "It is no for you",
I was asking for a cigarette not for her catholic person.

(will be continued)

Posted By: Fintan
Date Posted: 02 Sep 2015 at 13:56
I go on in my city, but with mexicans this time, I never have been in Méjico but I thought they hate us, at that time spanish had the same inferiority complex that the Mexicans when they must treat with some europeans  in special and all the american nations too.

I met in a bar a mexican that introduce to me some friends there. He was biologist as its like, very likeable and educated he was obsses with the spanish typical appareance (His appareance was of a typical mexican from a "Charros moovie", pure mexican I have to say.) Then was the most attendance of inmigrants to Spain and he wants to know who was really spanish. His question were very good because he apoint to Rumanian people that is very like the spanish people excepting some slavs characters as the brachycephalic head (not always at all). For him all the waiter-girls were no spanish and maybe he was right.

Some time after this experience i get into a mexican forum when they look at himself at %. Castilian 10%, indian 30%. By example. They must all day at the mirror looking at their %. Not all, but many of them.

Other experience bad, I should say was with a USA-mexican of second generation that got to be girl-friend of one of my friends daughter. He was introduce to me, it is to say something, as if was five minutes before the sad night (noche triste) and I have been taken by him (an aguila warrior as less stealing the treasure of aztecs only by me). He dont talk in the half hour we were there, just look at us
waiting we stole the silver of my friend house.

Other strange thing was that his girlfriend have a look more irish than spanish. I hope he anly takes indians girls but... He works in the USAF base (nowadays OTAN base). we have in our city.

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